Hondarribia Agenda


Descent of the Bidasoa river with fins

This sporting event, which is very deep-rooted in the Bidasoa area, has been held since 1969 and is organized by […]


Triathlon of Hondarribia

This triathlon is composed of 750 meters swimming, 20 kilometers cycling and 5 kilometers running.


St. Isidore’s day

St. Isidore’s Day, patron saint of farmers, is celebrated in Guadalupe. This rural festivity includes traditional celebrations (rural sports, exhibition […]


Opila Day

On April 25th, the patron saint of San Marcos is a very special day. On this day, it is a […]


Medieval Fair

Crafts, exhibitors, workshops, entertainment, shows, competitions, exhibitions… The Medieval Fair in Hondarribia is another good reason to visit and enjoy […]


Bikingo eguna

Hondarribi Surf Kirol Kluba organizes the Bikingo Eguna (Vikings’ Day), a party around SUP, surf skate and motorbikes.

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