Talaia Trail-Jaizkibel

Hondaribia to Pasaia

Avery beautiful stage by the edge of the ocean. Begins by the sea until Cabo Bioznar, rocked by the waves breaking on the cliffs, a gradual climb to the Balcon du Jaizkibel, temporarily turning your back on the ocean. Next, you will follow a nice shoulder of land with your right foot to the ocean and your left towards the inland Basque mountains, before the extraordinary plummet to the harbour in Pasaia.

Talaia road photo gallery

Getting to the start

Leave the motorway at Irun, follow ‘Irun, airport’ then Hondarribia. Bypass the town on the left by following Jaizkibel, then head towards the Cabo Higuer… (Route GI 3361). The car park is in front of the Higuer lighthouse and the campsite. Alternatively, take the sea shuttle to the marina in Hendaye, follow Hondarribia’s seafront until the fishing port and walk up to the Cabo Higuer

For your return

Local network bus and train, or taxi from Pasaïa to Hondarribia.

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Don’t miss :

  • The Cabo Higuer, the highest point in the western Pyrenees.
  • The series of little creeks.
  • The view from Mont Jaizkibel.
  • The descent to Pasaia.
  • A still undeveloped coastal sector

Special advice:

No water point anywhere on the crossing. Careful of strong winds on the high passages at the end of the stage!