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Please read these conditions of use carefully before using this web site. Any user of this web site implicitly recognizes and accepts the conditions below. If you do not agree with them or if you have any doubts, please do not register or use this web site.


BIDASOA ACTIVA located at Hendaia, 8 – Ducoureau Jauregia 20301, Irun and with tax code A-20421053, can be contacted for any issue related to this web site by calling 943-509600 and/or by sending a message to:

The domain is the property of BIDASOA ACTIVA.


The web-site which is where you are now, is an interactive space created by the BIDASOA ACTIVA to offer more information about their products and services.

Just like all web-sites, we have conditions of use and a privacy policy that we mentioned above and our wish is to provide an ingenious and fun way of promoting our products, although no direct sales of products will be carried out via this page.


BIDASOA ACTIVA may carry out as many technical modifications as it deems necessary to improve the quality, performance and efficiency of the system as well as connections to related networks or the Internet.


This web-site is the property of BIDASOA ACTIVA. All the brands, domain names and other copyrights are reserved for BIDASOA ACTIVA and none of their contents may be loaned, copied, reproduced, published, downloaded, sent, transferred, distributed or used in any way except when using the web site and its contents for the aims for which it has been envisaged, with downloads and copies for strictly private use being possible only if they are not used in any way differently from what is stipulated in these conditions. Any breaching of the above will be a violation of copyright and other property rights of BIDASOA ACTIVA. For the purpose of these conditions of use, the contents referred to here cannot be used on any other web site or computer network.


These use conditions will retain their validity whilst they remain unchanged on the web site and BIDASOA ACTIVA reserves the right to their alteration, modification or elimination at any moment in time. Any changes will be published on the web site.


BIDASOA ACTIVA has done everything within its power to guarantee the quality of this web site. Nevertheless, the very nature of the internet means that BIDASOA ACTIVA cannot guarantee the content of the web nor the availability and continuity of its functioning, nor the repair of breakdowns or the absence in this web site and its server of viruses or any other harmful elements, despite our on-going efforts to avoid any type of contingency of this kind. BIDASOA ACTIVA is not responsible for the use made of the contents of this web site.


s a consequence of what is indicated in the previous section and due to the peculiarities of the Internet, BIDASOA ACTIVA shall not be held in any way responsible (including but not limited to negligence) for any kind of damages that may come from the use of or the impossibility of using the materials on this web-site, including those cases in which BIDASOA ACTIVA or any other authorized representative of BIDASOA ACTIVA may have been warned in advance of said damages. BIDASOA ACTIVA’s responsibility to the user, for any damages, including, but not limited to negligence, loss and lawsuits, will under no circumstances exceed the amount paid by the user to access this web.


BIDASOA ACTIVA has no control whatsoever over the people who access its web-site nor where said people may be located. Web users and BIDASOA ACTIVA, specifically renounce their privileges and put themselves under the jurisdiction of the courts of Donostia-San Sebastian, for any complaint lodged against this web site.


The main purpose of the web site is to inform of the content about the services and activity of BIDASOA ACTIVA.

BIDASOA ACTIVA accepts its legal obligations regarding personal data protection, especially in regard to:

  1. The existence of a file containing or the treatment of personal data.
  2. The purpose of data collection
  3. The recipients of information.
  4. The optional or obligatory nature of the questions we ask.
  5. The consequences of obtaining data or the refusal to supply them.
  6. The possibility of exercising the right of access, modification, cancellation or opposition.
  7. The name and address of the person in charge of data processing or when appropriate their representative.

BIDASOA ACTIVA wishes users to have all the necessary information to decide specifically, freely and voluntarily whether they want to provide their personal data in the way in which it is required. Hence, users will be informed that their data are to be included in a computer file and BIDASOA in the Avda. Iparralde, s/n (Edificio Kostorbe) 20304, Irun will be the owners of and those responsible for said file. The aim of using this data is to:

  1. Inform of products and services.
  2. Obtain statistical information about the number of hits users make.

Unless specifically expressed otherwise, the data we collect in forms is obligatory and necessary to access and participate in the web-site’s activities, sections and promotions. BIDASOA ACTIVA cannot register those people who do not provide the obligatory data.

The user should fill out the forms with true, specific and complete data and shall be responsible for any damages that may arise from incorrect, false, imprecise or old data.

BIDASOA ACTIVA pledges to adopt the personal data protection safety levels required by current legislation and to this end shall install the technical and organizational measures necessary to avoid data loss, misuse unauthorized access or any other possible risk. These safety measures include the use of a password which is only known to the user and BIDASOA ACTIVA.

BIDASOA ACTIVA shall also abide by current legislation and respect the privacy of the data contained in its computer files.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act and other pertinent legislation, the user or their representative, as well as parents and tutors, may exercise their right to access, rectification, cancellation or opposition at any moment by writing to BIDASOA ACTIVA at the addresses mentioned previously in which the user must identify themselves, via the web site itself or directly to the following address: responsable

BIDASOA ACTIVA informs that it is responsible for and owner of the files, without this precluding asking a third party to manage and process those files, provided the users have given their express consent.

As for the use of Cookies, BIDASOA ACTIVA informs the user that when he/she surfs the different screens and pages of this web site, cookies are used, the aim of which is to recognise the registered users and offer a personalized service, together with information about the time and date of the visit to the site, a measurement of certain parameters relating to the number of hits to the site and an estimation of the number of visits, thus allowing BIDASO ACTIVA to adapt and adjust the services it offers in as an effective way as possible. The cookies used are stored in the user’s hard drive but do not allow the data contained within them to be read, nor do they read cookie files created by other suppliers. The cookies are neither invasive nor harmful and can be deactivated using the button for this in the browser. Our main concern is safety in the storage of the user’s personal data. We take great care when passing data from the user’s computer to our servers.

Only those employees who need to access user data for their work are able to access them. Any employee found to violate our data protection and/or security policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including the possibility of being sacked or having civil or criminal action taken against him/her.

The user’s registration data are protected by a password and only the user and BIDASOA ACTIVA have access to them and can see the data and eliminate, rectify or cancel the file. We recommend that users do not give their password to anybody.

Finally, if the user is not using their own computer, we recommend not to forget to close the session before leaving the BIDASOA ACTIVA web site and to close the browser once they have finished browsing. This is to ensure that nobody can access the user’s personal data or correspondence if this computer is accessible to third parties or if he/she shares it with others or uses a computer in a public place such as a library or “Internet café”.



Cookies are small text files which are downloaded into your equipment when accessing a web page.

They are not malignant virus but tools which play an essential role for the provision of numerous services in Internet. Among other things, they help to remember the language in which you wish to browse in the web site, compiles statistics to optimize the site’s functionality or so that you may share our contents in your social networks.


We do not obtain information about the user’s personal data under any circumstances, thus assuring the protection of the privacy of the people who browse in the web site.


Although the majority of browsers automatically accept cookies, you may modify the configuration of your browser to permit, block or delete the cookies installed in your equipment.


By using this web site, we assume the user has carefully read this document and has understood and followed its advice. If the user does not agree with our data protection policy or with the advice that appears in it, please do not use our web site. We reserve the right to modify these conditions of use when we consider it necessary. If the user continues using this web-site or others belonging to the BIDASOA ACTIVA once changes have been made, this implies the complete acceptance of said changes.

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