Tinkers- Nursemaids and Shepherds

Troupe of Tinkers

Year after year tinkers arrive in the city having come all the way from Hungary to announce the beginning of carnivals. In Irun the troupe of tinkers organised by Irungo Atsegiña are in charge of livening up the streets of the city centre.

Troupe of Nursemaids and Shepherds. 

Once the tinkers have left it is the turn of nursemaids to flood the streets of the centre of Irun accompanied by their partners. Approximately 300 people including dancers and actors. 

During their journey around the city the troupe stops at different places to play out different scenes from the everyday lives of the nursemaids of bygone days such as: taking the baby to the doctors, its first vaccine, making sure the child’s birth has been registered, etc. The parade ends when all the troupe’s members dance the Fandango and the arin-arin (two typical Basque dances).