Day of the Kutxa

St. James’ day is the inauguration of the Abbots and Mayors of the sea who were elected on St. Peter’s day (June 29th).

The fishermen parade  from the Cofradía (brotherhood’s headquarters)  to the Church, accompanied by a young woman, the daughter of a fisherman, chosen by the Highest Abbot who carries on her head the Kutxa (chest) where the Memories and Reports of the Brotherhood are kept, to the sounds of the march of Okendo, played by the Municipal Band.

Once in the church, the annual Report is read in the sacristy. When the ceremony is over, the documents are returned to the kutxa and the procession returns to the Brotherhood’s headquarters.Once there, an arch is made with the oars and while the music plays, the young woman, holding the kutxa over her head, spins around herself, under the warm applause of the audience. This final act is called the Kutxa Entrega (delivery of the chest).