Euskal Jira

On the first Sunday in August, Irun holds the Euskal Jira, where the ‘gurdias’ or carriages with folkloric designs cross Irun. During this festival there are also Basque dances, rural sports and bertsolaris.

Euskal Jira is a “fiesta” to remember the customs, hobbies and lifestyle of Basque society from years gone by in which neighbourhood and cultural associations, gastronomic clubs and others all come together to celebrate everything related to “the old times” in a single day. 

In Irun, this day is the first Saturday in August and what sets it apart from others is that ox-drawn carts upon which typical scenarios (usually buildings, customs or well-known places from Irun) from another era take part. The carts are pulled though the city centre until they reach Urdanibia Square where the party continues with traditional Basque music and dancing.