Day of Saint Marcial

Saint Marcial and Saint Peter’s festivals are held in Irun between 23rd June and 1st July.

Saint Marcial Day

On the 30th June, the population of Irun celebrates the 1522 victory over the French troops at the same time as giving thanks to the Lord.  Around this date the people of Irun organise the city’s patron saints’ festivities. On Saint Peter’s day (29th June) troops are reviewed and the following day there is a military tattoo.

Saint Marcial is a lively day that all your senses will enjoy; the smell of gunpowder, the bright colour of traditional costume, the beating of drums in time to the music, the applause of the crowds as Saint Marcial’s parade goes past and a feeling of integration – a day that becomes more attractive the more people take part. Its fiestas will captivate anybody coming to Irun in these dates.