Irun: The roman times

OiassoThe excellent natural properties of the land around the River Bidasoa, coupled with its strategic location, have attracted kings, emperors and illustrious personages throughout history. From the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD, area was occupied by the Romans, who founded the city of Oiasso, one of the most important settlements in the Atlantic Arc. The memory of the city still survives today thanks to the numerous remains which have been uncovered, including the ruins of the old port, located in Santiago Street in Irun, and the thermal baths discovered behind the Oiasso Roman Museum, which houses all the other remains uncovered to date in the region.

Irun’s Oiasso Museum is an archaeological museum which contains all the Roman remains uncovered in the vicinity of the old city of Oiasso. Its aim is to promote the region’s archaeological heritage and become a benchmark for knowledge and dissemination of the Roman period in the Bay of Biscay. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to learn about Oiasso in a fun, entertaining way, through a series of special areas which focus on the impact of the arrival of the Romans on the native society, the archaeological discovery of the old port and everyday life in the city during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

Vitrina del museo OiassoThe museum also organises guided Roman itineraries - a cultural tour designed to help visitors discover the region’s rich historical heritage. The tour begins at the Oiasso museum and leads down Sarasate and Beraun, before continuing on along Avenida de Salís and Calle Santiago. The route then leads to Dunboa, from where it continues up to Calle Uranzu and across Plaza de Urdanibia. The tour includes a visit to Santa Elena Chapel, where a Roman cemetery was discovered, complete with impressive buildings and over one hundred cremation urns. They also propose the visit of the Irugurutzeta Furnaces with a joyful ride in a mining train.

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