Hondarribia Agenda


Procession of the Virgen del Carmen

The procession begins with a prayer in the Virgen del Carmen Church and continues to the pier. From there, a […]


Day of the Kutxa

St. James’ day is the inauguration of the Abbots and Mayors of the sea who were elected on St. Peter’s […]


Cesta Punta Festival

With the arrival of the summer season, a whole variety of Cesta Punta festivals are organized every Friday in July […]


Trawler Races

The rowing regattas flood the city with colour during two fantastic days of sport and varied events for all. It’s […]


Herri Giroa

Herri Giroa is a festivity that takes place in Arma Plaza, San Nicolás street and La Brecha.  From ten o’clock […]


Bidasoa Folk

Coming from the four corners of the world, the artists of Bidasoafolk festival are the representatives of a language without […]

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