Sancho de Urdanibia Hospital

The hospital was founded in 1644 by a donation made by Sancho de Urdanibia, who bequeathed part of his estate to the building of a hostel-hospital. It is located in Plaza Urdanibia.

The building itself has three storeys, is rectangular in shape and is constructed from masonry with ashlar stone trims at the corners and around the windows and doors. Flange plates separate the different floors. One of the most salient features of the main façade is a niche containing a statue of the Virgin Mary, decorated with pilasters and crowned by a pediment bearing the Urdanibia family coat of arms. On the rear façade, there is a double arcade on the ground floor and a triple arcade with parapets on the two upper storeys. The building has been totally renovated and today houses the municipal Basque language school and the recently inaugurated Mentxu Gal exhibition hall.

Menchu gal exhibition hall

The Menchu Gal exhibition hall is a permanent space showcasing the artistic career of this Irunese painter from the early 1930s until the 1990s.